Leasing Procedures

  1. Determine your requirements:
    Decide the preferred size and location of the property, your budget, timing and other specifications such as views, building and fit-out quality, air-conditioning requirements and so on.

  2. Contact InterAsia Property:
    Our professional agents will provide assistance in refining your requirements based your company background and help to find the ideal office to best fit your company’s business strategy.

  3. List of options:
    We will create list of options for inspection based on your refined requirements.

  4. Inspection:
    Our agent will arrange inspections of the listed properties. During the inspection, the accompanying agent will answer any further enquiries.

  5. Offer submission and negotiations:
    Together, we will shortlist the options before submitting offers to the respective landlords to begin negotiations. Our agent will aim to achieve more favourable terms in regards to price, rent-free periods, deposits, and the lease commencement date and term.

  6. Comparing final offers:
    After comparing the landlords’ counter offers, less favourable options shall be eliminated. There could be additional rounds of offer submissions until the final business terms can be agreed upon. This is an ideal time to start planning the interior renovations and layouts.

  7. Tenancy agreement:
    Once the landlord’s offer has been accepted, a tenancy agreement is issued by the landlord. The tenancy agreement includes binding legal terms and conditions, so we recommend that you seek the legal adviser of your choice to review the document. Once the landlord receives the signed tenancy agreement and security deposit, you become the new tenant on the lease commencement date.

  8. Prepare to move in:
    A renovation plan should be submitted to the landlord for approval before the lease commencement date. Once the plan has been approved, renovations can start when your lease begins.

Professional advise for prospective first-time office tenants:

  • Consult an agent for professional advice:
    InterAsia Property's network of landlord contacts allow our agents to receive the latest market information. Our relationships with landlords also help us to negotiate better leasing terms in a more time-efficient manner. Being unaware of current market prices can put you at a great disadvantage. If you directly deal with the landlord’s leasing managers, they are working for the landlord’s interests and are unlikely to present you with the best available deal.

  • Begin your search early:
    We suggest starting your office search three to six months in advance, as the rounds of inspections and business term negotiations can take several weeks. Additionally, you may need to allow time for the designers to plan your layout and renovations.

  • Always have more than one option:
    Even if you are not planning on relocating, having offers from elsewhere gives you increased negotiating power when renewing your lease. You might also find a better office than your current one during your inspections.

  • Lease terms are negotiable:
    Many terms are negotiable. It is common practice for landlords to set their initial asking price higher than what they are willing to accept.

  • Seek legal consultation:
    Leasing contracts can be thick stacks of documents drafted by the landlords’ lawyers to ensure their interests are protected. You, in turn, should seek a qualified legal specialist to review the contracts to protect your own interests.

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